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NAEM Conferences

Each year NAEM puts on several conferences that are custom designed to focus on emerging EHS issues and feature leading peer presenters. Our programming helps our members build strong compliance programs, how to look beyond compliance and to think about strategic management issues that drive business value through EHS.

Designed to give you the knowledge and tools to gain a competitive advantage to enhance your organization and advance your career, NAEM turns EHS policy into practice.

Upcoming Conferences

Managing Compliance, Advancing Sustainability: A Focused Look at Critical EHS Issues

August 27th, 2009, Atlanta, GA - Register Now

July 16th, 2009, Chicago, IL - Register Now

June 25th, 2009, Columbus, OH - Register Now

May 7th, 2009, Chicago, IL - Register Now

Despite the economic downturn, you still have a job to do and in some cases the responsibilities have increased while the budget and staff have decreased. So how do you still “get it all done?” This one-day conference concentrates on the core issues that remain critical to your professional success. The interactive format will provide you with the opportunities to hear and share strategies around such topics as compliance assurance and risk reduction, GHG management, and metrics and reporting. Attend this conference in Chicago, Boston or Atlanta and stay current on the issues critical to EHS Managers today!

April 2nd - 3rd
Driving Cost Savings and Performance Improvements through EHS Management Information Systems
Tampa, FL
Register Now

NAEM’s EHS MIS Conference is the only event where you can explore the “ins and outs” of several leading sustainability and EHS software systems in one venue through in-house EHS user demonstrations. In addition to the twelve live demonstrations, attendees will take away lessons learned from special interest sessions on topics including building the business case for EHS MIS, maximizing EHS MIS dollars in tough economic times and dashboards and reporting.

Past 2008 Conferences

August 6th-7th, 2008
Managing EHS Programs Globally
Hosted by Rockwell Automation
Milwaukee, WI
Global EHS Agenda

With a focus on global supply chains and product stewardship, this day-and-a-half program will examine how leading companies are rolling out their EHS programs globally and setting and maintaining consistent EHS standards for their organizations on multiple continents. This workshop will include detailed looks at how effective organizations have structured their auditing programs, how they ensure sound EHS practices among their suppliers and how they track and comply with a host of global EHS regulations.

June 3rd-4th, 2008
Corporate Climate Mangement Strategies: Implementing Best Practices In Corporate GHG Management and Energy Efficiency
Hosted by Millipore Corporation
Boston, MA
Greenhouse Gas Management Agenda

From performing a Greenhouse Gas inventory to evaluating & selecting management strategies, this workshop will focus on best practices in data management, key metrics and corporate best practices for reducing an organization's carbon footprint. Sessions will be structured to give attendees practical, step-by-step knowledge on a range of issues including how to select renewable energy credit and carbon offset providers and effectively participate in a carbon trading framework. Sessions will also provide attendees with an understanding of likely national and global regulatory developments around greenhouse gas and examine a range of leading companies’ GHG management strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity to come together with practitioners, policy makers, and stakeholders to share resources and best practices and come away with an understanding of how to design and implement effective GHG management programs for your organization.

April 24th, 2008
EHS Stakeholder Relations & Communications
The Grand Hotel Marriott Resort & Spa
Mobile, AL

This one-day workshop will focus on the range of issues EHS Managers face as they work to meet these new expectations and requests of their key stakeholder groups and effectively communicate their organization's environmental and social values internally and externally.

Sessions will address common challenges to sucessful stakeholder relations and place particular attention on leveraging the full range of communications channels, best practices for parterning with other business functions to effectively provide accurate information to a growing number of stakeholders, and key approaches for specific stakeholder audiences.

August 8th-9th, 2007
Adding Business Value through EHS: Strategies for Managing EHS Business Risks
Hosted by Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
St. Louis, MO
EHS Business Risk Agenda

EHS interacts with the concept of risk on a number of levels: at an activity level on the plant floor, at a business level from an internal perspective and at the business level from the external perspective. Historically, EHS has been good at working at the activity and internal risk assessment and management levels. EHS professionals are now trying to better understand the external risk management element. Attend this workshop and see how other businesses are managing these 3 risk areas. You will also learn how this information is being presented and integrated with "other" risks at the enterprise level. Take advantage of this cost effective opportunity to learn about the systems that manage these issues, how they are communicated and how EHS risks are assessed in relation to all of an organization's risks.

May 22nd-23rd, 2007
Advancing EHS Using Lean & Six Sigma
Lean & Six Sigma Agenda

Take advantage of this peer-led workshop and learn how to integrate Lean and Six Sigma with EHS to improve overall business performance. This workshop will provide a thorough introduction to the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma, with a special focus on how they can be integrated with EHS to drive additional productivity and efficiencies. Attendees will participate in interactive exercises where they will apply key concepts and tools of Lean and Six Sigma. The workshop will also highlight case study examples of how these key concepts and tools are being applied at lead companies like Baxter Healthcare, General Mills, Eaton Corporation and Eli Lilly to drive business value.

March 7th-8th, 2007
Benchmarking EHS MIS Management Tools
EHS MIS Agenda

This is your opportunity to compare your system with others! NAEM's EHS MIS Workshop is the only event that give you the opportunity to check out a range of major EHS software solutions available in the marketplace through peer-led demonstrations. Avoid the sales pitch and talk to EHS managers discussing their experiences with these software systems. In addition to the demonstrations you will have the opportunity to attend sessions on strategies for navigating the selection process, how to advance your MIS on a tight budget and next generation technology trends. Attendees will also view the results from the 3rd Annual EHS MIS survey and discuss trends in EHS MIS over the last 5 years. Are you ready to engage in peer-to-peer dialogue on common EHS MIS challenges while enhancing your professional network and resources?


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